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"Student movements, #globalNOISE,Occupy, the Indignados, Take the Square, Democracia Real Ya, Social Forums, Take the Square, ((Democracia Real Ya, Social Forums,)) #Yosoy132,Y’en a marre, social movements and long time human rights activists and environmentalists, First Nations, rural and urban populations, organisations of civil society around the world: let us share our knowledge and resources! Let us connect and unite local and global action. May our indignation be our greatest source of creativity..."

Who are we?

VIA22 – a new international, open and horizontal, collective initiated in Montreal, Quebec – is launching monthly processes of local and global actions of convergence every 22nd of each month. These actions will take on the form constructed by local organisers, but, globally, all will manifest a common desire for convergence and unity. Global online Assemblies are held on every 22nd, since october. Please join in on the next 22nd!

People in Mexico, Spain, Australia, Mozambique, Senegal, Belarus, Croatia, England, Austria, Belgium, Japan, Greece, El Salvador, Chile and in the US have already expressed an interest in being a part of the movement. Join us in spreading the call as much as possible (translations are welcomed)!

What's the idea?

The idea is to collectively acknoledge the need of a local/global dialogue. Also we want to stress the need that our marches and demonstrations become spaces for sharing knowledge about alternatives, and raise collective consciousness about the destructive world order imposed by the politico-economic hegemonic system, focusing on its impact on education, health, food security, security, freedom of expression or association, etc. We want to support and connect initiatives around the world and contribute to the dialogue between global and local. Strength comes from creativity and unity!

We are looking for people around the world that could be interested in being part of the collective coordination of VIA22Global. Please write us!

Want to get in touch with people arround you and create a VIA22 collective in your city? Please come to our Assembly!

Hoping to hear from you, we send our support and solidarity!



Twitter: @ VIA22GLOBAL # VIA22


TRANSLATIONS in all languages NEEDED !

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